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A young woman from my town came to me to ask if she could recover images from a memory card that was inside a broken camera and she didn't know if it had been damaged. They belonged to a friend of hers who had died, along with her son, in a traffic accident. The accident took place in November 2010.

In addition to recovering the images from the card, I was also able to find, thanks to data recovery programs, those that had been deleted, erased, digitally broken and forgotten. However, on many occasions I could not recover them completely. For this reason, these images can only be partially seen, since gray stripes hide them.

Throughout that process I understood the value of rescuing those images from oblivion. That is where the strength of memory, of remembrance, is found.

 The most difficult part of this project was telling the parents of the deceased young woman the importance of those images recovered from oblivion. I asked for permission to publish the work and, without hesitation, they gave it to me. They understood that the work came from their daughter, from their land.

Memories, feelings, memory and forgetting.    

See how images that had ceased to exist appear.

To discover is to find something that had not been observed.

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